MSME Conclave Awards 2.0

MSME Conclave Awards 2.0

Conclave and Awards Event- 4th February 2023
Last date for submission: - 1st February 2023

Objective of Award:

The objectives of the award are:
1. Promoting excellence in business;
2. Setting benchmarks for Customer excellence,
3. Motivating for competitive improvement

Application Procedure:

The application for Nomination should include:
1. Covering Letter
2. Duly filled Application Form
3. All the relevant documents as attachments
4. It is mandatory to attach following 5. documents with this application form:

S. No. Documents Details
Company Website
Incorporation Certificate (in case of company limited by shares)
Copy of Quality Certifications
Other Relevant Documents (if available)
As mentioned with respective questions in the application form

Information provided in the nomination form will be kept confidential and used for the awards process only.
The form is simple to fill, so please provide as much detail as possible.
In case of any queries, please do email us at or alternatively you may call Mehak Thakur 8750847085, We will be pleased to assist.

Award Categories

  1. Best MSME of the year 
  2. Best micro enterprises manufacturing
  3. Best small enterprises manufacturing
  4. Best medium enterprises manufacturing
  5. Best micro enterprises services
  6. Best small enterprises services
  7. Best medium enterprises services
  8. Best export-oriented manufacturing enterprises
  9. Best export-oriented service enterprises
  10.  Entrepreneur of the year-service
  11.  Social Entrepreneur of the Year
  12.  Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  13.  Family Entrepreneur of the Year
  14.  Life Time Achievement
  15.  Most Active angel of the year
  16.  Best quality leadership in electrical equipments
  17.  Best technology efficient manufacturing enterprises
  18.  Best business consultant promoting & developing MSMEs
  19.  Outstanding green earthing technology of the year
  20.  Excellence in innovation for health care
  21.  Industry excellence in textile
  22.  Most Enterprising Business
  23.  Best Customer Service 
  24.  Business innovation 
  25.  Best use of technology
  26.  Cross border business growth
  27.  National quality award
  28.  Entrepreneur of the year (consumer business)
  29.  Dynamic entrepreneur of the year
  30.  Best technology efficient manufacturing
  31.  Emerging start-up of the year
  32.  Tech start-up of the year
  33.  Excellence in manufacturing in Rolling Machine
  34.  The emerging women entrepreneur of the year
  35.  The promising leader of the year in Herbal & essential oils
  36.  Most inspiring business consultant of the year
  37.  Emerging tech start-up of the year
  38.  Best CEO of the year
  39.  Best SME finance company of the year
  40.  Best product innovator of the year
  41.  Best fintech technology champion of the year
  42.  Rising star of the year
  43.  Best start-up finance company of the year
  44.  Best digitally advanced company of the year.


Minimum Eligibility Criteria - General

S. No. Parameters Yes/No
Incorporation: Indian entity, with their main management, control & operations being in India
Years of Existence: Company should be in operations for a minimum of 5 years
Employee Strength: Company should have minimum 50 employees
Compliance: No legal conviction in any of the following areas
2. Environmental
3. Social

About Company

S. No. Parameters Particulars
Name of the Corporation/Company/ Organization
Address of the Registered Office
Name of the CEO/Proprietor/Chief Functionary
Type of Company (Ownership)
Year of Incorporation*
Employee Strength (Current)

Business Profile

Describe your company’s business profile. (100 words)


Provide details of awards/recognitions received in last three years.

Award/Certificate Title Awarding/Certification Organization/Authority Year

Awards Category Nomination: (MAXIMUM IN 3 CATEGORY)

1. Award Category:

Which Award category would you like to apply for and why (Explain in minimum 100 words)

2. Award Category:

Which Award category would you like to apply for and why (Explain in minimum 100 words)

3. Award Category:

Which Award category would you like to apply for and why (Explain in minimum 100 words)

Acheivement by the Company

Minimum 100 word write up on any new product launched by the company in the Market (MANDATORY FOR ALL CATEGORIES)

A 100 word write up giving details of the new technology deployed highlighting the benefits to the company and customers.


I/We certify that all information provided in this form is accurate and true to best of my/our knowledge. I/We am/are willing to provide any supporting documentation/evidence that may be required to verify the information provided herein and I/We agree to abide by the decision of Star International MSME Forum in all matters relating to the award.

Details of Contact Person

1. Name
4.Company Seal
7.Telephone No