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About MSME Conclave 2.0

In India, MSMEs are becoming the backbone of the economy. Despite the adverse effects of the pandemic, India’s micro, small, and medium scale enterprises (MSMEs) have recovered and are now poised to drive robust growth in India.

Presenting an excellent opportunity for MSME entrepreneurs to network with Manufacturers, Traders, Exporters, and Service-providers from varied industries across India.

Here’s your chance to interact with MSME thought leaders, and dignitaries felicitating the event and be an important part of the discussions and deliberations on the schemes and opportunities for MSMEs.

Speakers from top companies will put forward their views on critical topics and discuss strategies in various panel discussions to keep up the momentum. Companies get a platform to mark their presence by showcasing their products and services and get a chance to do face-to-face business networking and prospective business clients.

The panel discussions and speeches by these innovators and masterminds on the latest technologies and global trends in the MSME sector are surely set to leave you with more information to implement.

The event has been conceptualized with five different aspects pertinent to the MSMEs that would be present at the conclave.

1. Networking
2. Panel discussions
3. Speeches
4. Exhibitions
5. Awards

The event is set to bring together Regulators, Manufacturers, Traders, Exporters, Small business owners, bankers, and technology service providers to deliberate on topics and solutions for the long-term sustainable growth of the sector.

Let us all use this great opportunity to work together and make our country proud.

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Glimpses of the previous event

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Chief Guests

Hema Malini

Veteran Bollywood Actress
Member of Parliament

Sandeep Marwah

Founder, Noida Film City & Marwah Studios
President, AAFT (Asian Academy of Film & Television)

Ravikant Garg

Former Energy Minister Institutional Finance Chairman, Uttar Pradesh
Traders Welfare Board, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.

Dr. Vijay Jolly

Sr. BJP Leader
President, Delhi Study Group
Former MLA Delhi Govt.

SP Singh Baghel

Minister of State for Law and Justice, Government of India

Dr. (CA) Sharad Kohli

Dr. (CA) Sharad Kohli Founder & Chairman,
KCC Group Economist & Finance guru
Media Panelist

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Celebrating the success of the Indian MSME Sector

A defining platform for rewarding the Indian MSME's who are raising the bar by demonstrating excellence and exceptional achievements in business performance along with significant contributions to the economy and society at large.

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About the Star International MSME Forum

MSMEs have become the backbone of the Indian ecosystem. Indian entrepreneurs challenged the pandemic in its face and the MSMEs have buckled up to reinstate the economy with their robust growth.

The micro, small, and medium enterprises, together called as MSMEs, are welcome to the MSME Conclave 2.0 once again after the stupendous success of the original MSME Conclave in October 2022.

If you are a business owner, you cannot afford to miss the brilliant opportunity to present your venture and network with the manufacturers, traders, exporters, and service providers from all across the country.

To gain the brownie points, do not forget to gain insights from the speakers coming from the top-notch companies. They will present their views on crucial topics n panel discussions to keep the spirits of the audience high.

You get to pat yourself on the back when you network with all the Big shots of the industry and get into into their inner circle.

Your company gets the platform to have its name carved in stone in the market by showcasing their products, services, and find prospective business clients.

Previous Event sponsors

Ambassador, 23 years corporate sales leader, international motivational speaker, social reformer

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Sponsoring an event like MSME Conclave 2.0 gives a lot of leverage to your brand:

Showcasing your organisation at a leading industry conclave establishes your brand value to your prospective clients or existing clientele.

Focus and target your business prospects in a positive and collaborative environment where they welcome new ideas. Our attendees are always keen about exciting new partnership opportunities.

Leverage our global platform as a spotlight to bring attention to your product(s), and brand ad highlight them to your targeted group of customers.

One to one and ace to face business sessions at the conclave have a continued support of the market. The conclave helps develop customer loyalty and cement your position as a key market leader.

Showcasing your product and yourself is the most cost and time- effective ways of opening up a window of opportunities to step into a new segment of industrial sector and buyers.

Here are some snippets of the MSME thought leaders affirming the growth of this sector:

- Narendra Modi, Prime Minster of India

- Narayan Rane, MSME Minister

- Piyush Goyal, Commerce Minister