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Intellectual Property

The B10 Health Blender is protected by the following patents:

  • US Patent Nos. D908,433; D905,495; D940,498; D946,965; D951,013; and US11,272,812
  • Great Britain Design Registration Nos. 9008111439-0001/-0010
  • Australian Patent Nos. 202014358, 202016252, 202016253, and 202016254
  • European Design Registration Nos. 008111439-0001/-0010 and 008843486-0001/-0002
  • New Zealand Design Registration Nos. 427881 and 428591
  • Mexico Design Registration Nos. 63804 and 64695
  • Japan Design Registration Nos. 1687843, 1705807, and 1721233
  • China Design Registration Nos. ZL202030461880.9, ZL202130094006.0, and ZL202130682383.6
  • Additional patents pending U.S. and abroad



Beast Health, LLC is the owner of the trademark BEAST® in the U.S. and various foreign countries. Beast Health, LLC is the owner of the BEAST HEALTH®, BEAST MODE®, HYDRATION BLEND®, and STRONG INSIDE trademarks in the United States.

These marks should not be used without prior permission of Beast Health, LLC.